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About Us

The Intelsol, created in 1990, is a certifying entity of the ITED by the regulator ANACOM. Its activity develops projects in the area of ​​electrical installations, general electricity, telecommunications, control, automation, management systems and marketing.

Innovation and good service are the basis on which the Intelsol seeks to present the best solutions to customers and because we believe that people who make a difference, we rely on training so that about 95% of our technical staff are specialized in this way we seek ensure a quality personalized service.

The Intelsol also has partnerships and agreements with some of the most respected companies in the telecommunications and electrical power so that the end product is quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Our mission

The INTELSOL aims to be market leader in renewable energy, contributing to sustainable development, using the best equipment on the market, always with the best guarantees and price to the customer.

More than Energy, INTELSOL provides quality equipment, affordable to all people.

This is the energy that moves us.