Quality Policy

Integrated Management Policy

The INTELSOL aims to develop and implement global solutions in the areas of Electrical Installations, Renewable Energy and Environment ensuring added value to all its business partners. The INTELSOL, through its Integrated Management System, seeks to accomplish its mission by pursuing the following principles:

  • Commit to the satisfaction of its customers, suppliers and stakeholders through the completion of such requirements;
  • Stimulating demand and exploit opportunities for business growth;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation / regulations apply to all activities of the company;
  • Prevent pollution and minimize the significant environmental impacts identified;
  • Prevent the occurrence of injuries, injury and damage to the health of employees and minimize the significant risks identified;
  • Develop individual skills of its employees in view of the proper exercise of their responsibilities;
  • Promote continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety, through the establishment of annual goals and objectives.

The Administration of INTELSOL assumes responsibility for the adoption of the Integrated Policy defined above and establishes as a priority objective for all employees, their involvement in setting goals and objectives and the pursuit of principles. The policy described above will be communicated to all employees and will be available to the public, thus enabling a confluence of efforts to achieve a continuous improvement process that benefits everyone.