General Low Voltage Electricity

Executed with the utmost rigor and quality:

  • Electrical Installations for Use of Low Voltage
  • Power Networks media up to 60 KV voltage and transformer stations
  • IEnergy Production facilities
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure

Home Automation
The Home automation is a technology that lets you control and manage all housing systems (security, air conditioning, sound, lighting, blinds, watering, etc.). Simplifying your life.

We supply and assemble equipment from the most simple to the complex, making its home in a comfortable environment, ecological, energy efficient, safe and modern design.

We have equipment that can be applied to existing homes without the need to change your home, providing all the capabilities of a good home automation system.

We use brands such as ABB, Schneider, TEV2.

Enjoy and simplify your life!

System Intrusion

We set all kinds of solutions intrusion systems to ensure a system to suit your needs and safety.

An intrusion detection system consists of peripheral devices placed in strategic locations in order to detect motion and alert the owners that something fishy is going on.

The alert can be made ????by various routes such as central control monitoring station, GSM, SMS, telephone call, etc..
Port Operator

We do installation, maintenance and repair of Automation:

  • Automations for swing gates
  • Automations for sliding gates
  • Access control gates
  • Access Control Systems

Major brands and used BFT DITEC.

Fire Alarm System

We set all kinds of solutions for fire detection systems to ensure a measurement of the system and safety needs.

A fire detection system continuously checks if there are signs of fire. Various types of fire detectors, optical, thermal, chemical, aspiration, etc.. but all main aim detect and alert you if any suspicious fire.

Having a fire detection system in your company and housing is a sign of security and tranquility.

CCTV System

We set all kinds of solutions CCTV systems to ensure a measurement of the system and safety needs.

CCTV é sigla de Closed-circuit television e é um sistema de vídeo vigilância. Tal como o nome indica é composto com um conjunto de câmaras fixas ou rotativas e por um gravador central que permitem captar e gravar através de imagem / vídeo, do que se passa num determinado local.

A CCTV can be useful for any home, business or institution that wants to have control of several areas allowing the recording of images for later analysis.

Sound System

We set all kinds of sound system solutions to ensure a system to suit your needs and excellent quality.

Sound systems are composed of various equipment such as microphones, amplifiers, recorders and others that are used to communicate at meetings and in emergency situations.

Sound system is also a system to have a sound system at home, listening to music you want in the fraction of the house you want.

Intelligent Charging System

Take advantage of affordable rates, ensuring that your vehicle is fully loaded when you need it, at reduced prices and 2.5 load faster than a normal outlet.

After setting the start and end of charge of your vehicle can park, connecting it to the mains and the load will only be made ????within the time set.

Ease of Use

Point loading domestic designed to be simple and easy to use. Users are guided through the loading process by:
  • Indicator lights that show what is happening
  • Buttons for start / stop and control the loading cycles.

Measurement of energy

You can obtain information on the energy supplied to the car's last charge and the total energy supplied.

It is Safe

Allows a "handshake" between the vehicle and the charger before charging actually starts and contains standard electrical protections. Responds to safety criteria, international standards and recommendations by various car manufacturers.


Are you ready to be mounted in closed or open garages. It will also be installed on a new circuit dedicated EV, directly connected to the electrical panel, to ensure maximum safety. The installation must by made ????by a qualified electrician.


The technology used is compatible with existing electric cars. Use connector J1772 standard type that is compatible with the current cars such as Nissan LEAF iON Peugeot, Mitsubishi-MiEV, Citroenn C-Zero, Renault and others.

Overall dimensions

Diameter: 360mm