Energy Certification


  • Residential Buildings
  • Small office buildings without air-conditioning systems or centralized systems P ? 25 Kw
  • Base simplified methodology for certification of existing buildings


  • Service Buildings
    • Large (>1000 m2 or 500 m2)
    • Small with air conditioning(P > 25kW)
  • Residential buildings with cooling systems P > 25kW
  • With the energy certification is intended to classify the units or residential services, an efficient scale ranging from A + (energy efficient) to G (low efficiency) informing the owners, purchasers or lessees energy consumption expected in its current use by an energy certificate .
  • Building Services: In addition to energy efficiency, it is intended to assure users that the building meets the conditions to ensure adequate indoor air quality.

Energy Audit


  • It is a service that consists of a detailed study of energy consumption in a given product, activity, and installation company. With the main aim to reduce energy bills through the characterization of energy consumption and identify potential reductions and developing a plan to reduce and optimize energy consumption with the technical-economic fact which allows the reduction of consumption.
Energy Consulting


  • The consultation process is aimed at problem solving and advice, including through the accurate determination and presentation of recommendations to bring about its resolution and / or objective. So you must be knowledgeable and have experience in the energy area in order to reach the heart of the problem, and thus provide viable hypotheses and innovative recommendations.